our vision

Purpose, self-fulfillment and flexibility as part of our life-balance are becoming increasingly important in today’s working world.
For the new generation workforce, the contribution to meaningful projects, individual development, continuous learning and change is outranking corporate membership and today’s hierarchy levels. The gig economy is born and hailed as the future of work.

It’s our vision to bring the most suitable project candidates easier and faster together.
In order to build high performing project teams, the suitability of candidates goes far beyond the traditional work experience – our definition includes social and personal skills, passion, cultural fit, values and the identification with the project purpose.

Based on many years of project experience, we believe in the power of diversity resulting in better project teams – that’s why we bring contractors, consultants and employees together.
The best project candidate at your fingertips… we match business people for projects more effectively (F ECTIVE).

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what we do

A project leader usually uses his own network to find project candidates.
The result is often time consuming and with limited choice.
We are building a platform to bring project candidates together – better, easier and faster – more effective than ever.

the best project candidate at your fingertips…

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Here is where we innovate and make a difference:

broader selection of candidates

we bring the entire market for project candidates together: contractors, consultants (consulting firms) and employees

advanced matching criteria

the suitability criteria go far beyond the traditional work experience, covering soft skills, passion and project fit

learning algorithm

the learning algorithm is recognizing patterns and behavior to continuously improve the matching and learn from you

true match

our matching platform is matching candidates to projects and projects to candidates based on their preferences (matching from both sides)

real time results

real time results for candidate requests – after a short project briefing the best suitable project candidates are at your fingertips

fair pricing

simple pricing with yearly sign-up fee – no additional provisions or assignment fees


we stand for transparency, be it about the suitability of candidates, the availability or pricing – we support you with our platform intelligence to improve your business

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your benefit

  • broader selection of candidates beyond own network (contractors, consultants and employees)
  • better matching; additional criteria such as cultural fit, personal skills and passion
  • better selection with learning algorithm
  • similarity search
  • matching on both sides

  • real time results
  • transparency of suitable candidates
  • overview of matching criteria
  • direct contact to candidate
  • online assessment to save time
  • firm-wide overview of all projects, candidates, costs and quality

  • no transaction costs or provisions
  • price-comparison of candidates
  • conscious decision internal vs. external candidates
  • individual contracts and conditions
  • no expensive overhead costs
  • sign-up fee dependent on platform use

  • opportunities for suitable employees (job development and rotation)
  • market opening (book employees as consultants to other firms)
  • further insights for business optimization (e.g. analysis of employee potential)
  • enhance interdisciplinary collaboration (better projects)
  • Auditability of choice and price of candidates