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we match your employees to projects – based not only on their experience, soft skills and availability, but also on their passion!
Reach markets faster and increase your brand


market visibility

reach markets faster
  • customize your talents visibility to the market
  • effortlessly sell your talent on the bench with no acquisition required
  • quickly access new clients & markets
  • target specific clients with sponsored results
  • expand your brand for new solutions
  • offer your clients immediate access to your top talent

access to externals

extended on-demand workforce
  • immediate access to top independent contractors
  • access top talent from non-competing consulting firms
  • significantly reduce costs by elimination of intermediaries and overhead
  • increase your workforce agility (flexibility, speed & extended skills)
  • increase your margins through temporary staffing

internal resourcing

re-engage your employees
  • save valuable time in finding the right employee
  • optimize employee project re-allocation
  • cultivate an engaged workforce
  • foster collaboration across divisions and competencies
  • gain insights into your workforce composition and development
  • increase employee retention through intelligent project matching

how it works

truly agile workforces

shaping the future of work – together

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frequently asked questions

There are many advantages for consultants to offer their employees on the market through the platform. The most valuable benefits of our customers are:
  • To reach markets and customers faster
  • Access to new customers or existing customers with new solutions
  • easier way to sell consultants 'on the bench'
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Exploring new and innovative ways to offer services (digital consulting)
Please fill out the form above and register as a consulting company. We will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting, better understand your needs and present a demo.
During Go-Live, our platform is mainly focused on projects and candidates in the financial services sector in Switzerland. However, we want to open our platform to other industries and markets as soon as possible. We have freelancers on the platform who are either experienced in consulting and project management, or have a high level of expertise. Larger professional service providers and smaller consulting boutiques also offer their consultants via our platform.
The employee profiles are not publicly available. A CV, specifically defined as a business card, is displayed to a buyer when the employee matches the project. This only takes place if the profile, including experience and availability, fits the project requirements. As an admin of your consulting firm, you can define which buyers your employees are matched with. This allows you to exclude competitors or unwanted buyers at any time.
We are not an intermediary - we bring buyers and providers together directly. This means that you conclude individual contracts with existing (or new) buyers. The price is also agreed directly between you and the buyer. The same applies to the contractual relationship between you and a freelancer or a consulting company.
For the purpose of data protection, an employee profile is an employee's profile and therefore is updated by the user. Completing the profile should not take more than 20 minutes, and maintenance (availability and profile updating) is simple and efficient. If desired, we can work together to create an interface that allows you to access your internal systems. Please note that this may lead to legal restrictions or require the explicit consent of the employees.
For each employee, you can define a minimum price and a preferred price (as administrator of the consulting company). This information is only used for matching and is not displayed to a potential buyer. As soon as an employee is matched to a project, the buyer sees a relative price list of the suitable candidates.
The price is based on the use of the various packages:
  • market visibility Select employees who can set up a profile and be matched to projects by selected buyers
  • Access to external Freelancers and / or consultants are matched to your projects - our platform effectively supports you in order to reduce the project lead time to a few hours
  • Internal Resources Select employees who can set up a profile and be matched to your internal projects
We have a special 'Go-Live' offer for our platform. Sign up now to book in a demo and benefit from the offer.
No. We are not an intermediary - we bring buyers and providers directly together. Therefore, we do not charge any provisions, either from you or the provider. We only charge an access fee for the use of the platform.