cost cutting – how to keep your employees engaged

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13.12.2016 Andy blogs

cost cutting
how to keep your employees engaged

Although cost cutting programs have become a constant and recurring topic in almost every industry today, the impact of such measures often negatively affect an organization’s workforce and culture. Be it with minor cost saving measures, such as cutting down free coffee, or severe measures impacting financial benefits (e.g. salaries), the employees feel their work is less valued. Very often the employee is even doubly penalized: with decreasing benefits on one side and increasing performance pressure on the other side, which leads to significant misalignment of expectations between the organization and the employee. The result is often a downturn in workforce productivity (due to dissatisfaction) or even a loss of workforce quality (high-potentials leaving). This effect puts the original goal of saving costs in great danger.
How can you prevent this from happening?

understand why
It is important for an employee to understand why things are happening, in order to do the right things and “keep going”. The why things are happening is actually much more important than the what is happening.

feel valued
Increasing performance pressure and cutting costs has an impact on how employees feel valued. Make sure you compensate this imbalance with another form of value (not monetary). Understand and care about what your employees want and offer alternative benefits that don’t necessarily cost money.

«If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.»
Roy T. Bennett

Following the trend of purpose driven organizations, where employees and external resources are rather mobilized than managed, we should consider the purpose of each employee in the same way. With having the chance to pursue a passion and find fulfillment in the job, an employee is often more driven to perform at a higher level. The employee will be rewarded naturally and intrinsic by doing the work they like. Purpose is not only a key ingredient for a strong, sustainable and scalable organizational culture, it is also the key to increase employee performance and keep them engaged.

That’s why we focus on the importance of our candidate’s passion and purpose whether it matches with the project purpose and needs. If you want to match your employees passion and purpose against your project needs, join our pilot now!

What are you waiting for? Let’s match business people more “F ECTIVE”.

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