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28.03.2018 Troy news

digital workforces event: how to prepare for the future of work

What an evening!

Close to 80 professionals filled the Spaces business lounge, creating an incredible atmosphere for our first F ECTIVE event!

The aim of the event was to provide insights into the effects of digitalization on today's global workforce, as well as create an opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange experiences, and grow their personal network.

agile workforces

Once everyone settled, our very own Andy Kobelt kicked off the evening.

Touching on key areas where agile workforces will improve how companies and individuals work today, Andy highlighted how workers will have to forge their own agile careers, driven by purpose and life long learning.

The more flexible and agile workers are, the more job security they'll have - Andy Kobelt

She pointed out that companies need to access deeper internal workforce insights, to be able to plan and strategically develop a workforce for their future talent requirements.

companies have to rethink their workforce strategy and getting away from seeing a workforce as an org-chart or an FTE - it's no longer a pure HR topic, it has become a strategic management decision - Andy Kobelt

workforce transformation

Sarah Kane from PwC highlighted how digital transformation has shifted some companies to invest heavily in their own workforce, providing individuals the opportunity to drive their own skill development further.

Organisations are starting to think differently about how do they engage with their employees and how do they help with this re-skilling - Sarah Kane

Sarah also touched on the lack of presence from governments, and their need to become much more involved in workplace transformation.

I think organisations and regulators need to get much more present, and much more current, in understanding what is the appropriate level of regulation and support that we need to manage this transformation - Sarah Kane

culture and mindset

Our final speakers were Carole Häusermann and Maureen Deppler from mm1 presenting their insights on company culture and mindset.

Carole pointed out that if culture and mindset is not actively nurtured, companies will potentially face innovation gaps. 

Companies have 3 options to overcome innovation gaps. 1. Deny it. 2. Act opportunistically or 3. Employees will have to become our fundament - Carole Häusermann

This lead to Maureen conducting a live survey of our event attendees on their personal priorities of the future of work. The results were interesting: 

  • Team work 36%
  • Talent and learning 21%
  • Organization 13%
  • Leadership 11%
  • Workplace & Job 11%
  • Technology & Communication 8%
When it come to the future generation, a strictly human centered approach is necessary. It's more about a collective way of working, it's about self organised teams, where everybody can bring their own mindset and their own ideas to challenge each other  - Maureen Deppler

As the evening progressed, the fireside chat quickly became one of the highlights of the evening. Questions and exchanges of experience from both the panel and audience, made for a lively discussion. This alone could have easily filled up the rest of the evening, but it was soon time to enjoy a drink, network with great people, and further share thoughts on the future of work. 

We would like to thank the speakers and everyone who attended for engaging in the discussion and making the first event of many, a success!

your F ECTIVE team

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