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21.09.2017 Troy blogs

first impression – it’s me, let me show you

“Have you ever had a discussion with someone you’ve not met before, and right from the start you get that ‘feeling’ that you need to wrap-up and close the discussion because it’s just not going to work…?”


How come? CV was great…, background of the person clearly spot on…, references all good…, but still… it would have helped if you got that first impression before meeting the person face-to-face…

It’s clear to us: your experience gets you through the door, your personality gets you the job!

How to bring a real first impression across without meeting the other in person? Your video introduction! and no it’s not a video CV. You’ve probably seen those awkward YouTube clips of people standing frozen in front of the camera, reciting what is already written on their CV – not a pretty sight. So, what’s then a video introduction? We see your video introduction as a short video which shares authentic insights into who you really are. We believe what we see, so being yourself and therefore being authentic is key.

Let us help you: being pragmatic – how to leave a lasting first impression? We describe 6 key items as food for thought to improve your first video impression:

one minuteyou can reveal a lot about yourself in 60 seconds (approximately 150 words), time is precious so keep it short.
do it for yourselfyour aim isn’t to try and please everyone around you or to be ‘perfect’. This is an opportunity to share your authentic self. If you don’t believe what you’re saying no one else will either.
relaxremember that your CV is already speaking for your accomplishments and (work) experience. Enjoy telling a story about you that has a meaning for you.
storyto understand who you are, it helps to share some of your goals or accomplishments... You could think of future goals you want to achieve, hobbies, travel, cultural traditions, etc…
ask a friendask how your friends see and experience you. Sometimes they know us even better than ourselves.
be specificif you want others to remember you make sure you’re not too vague, e.g. more or less everyone enjoys helping people or sees themselves as a team player… give some real insights which is unmistakably you

Coffee time: grab a drink and considering these points, simply note down all your ideas – no matter how irrelevant they seem at first. Here you’re trying to find stories that reveal what drives you and who you are. Remember, this is about you so take your time and enjoy the ride!

How this comes back to the value in using a first impression is simple. Stories are what define us and we all love a good story. So, by watching the video introduction do we understand each other? Is there a sense of connection? Can we help each other? If we share authentic insights of our personality upfront, the chances that we understand each other when we actually meet in person increases significantly.  And that’s what we want – being more F ECTIVE!

In part two of our first impression blog series: we’ll bring your story to life! I’ll give you practical guides on how to write a quick script and film yourself without the need for Spielberg. Stay tuned!


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