gig workers – breaking the traditional career ladder

F ECTIVEblogsgig workers – breaking the traditional career ladder
31.03.2017 Andy blogs

gig workers
breaking the traditional career ladder

A vast number of traditional workers worldwide are disengaged. That means that they spend a bulk of their time staring at a computer or out the window and wondering what else they could be doing with their lives.

The gig economy is being hailed as the future of work. Granting more flexibility and self-determination where work and life can be better balanced and are rather full of opportunities instead of responsibilities. Gig work is a trend that’s growing in popularity, providing lots of benefits for both sides; the gig workers, such as freelancers, and the companies requesting them.

But what makes the gig economy possible?

Today, the worldwide economy is driven by information and services, where Technology is ruling our business and private lives.

Way back in 1800, only 8 percent of the Swiss workforce focused on services. Today, that number has grown to 75 percent and is still growing. This is why the gig economy is booming today. It’s built around knowledge and skills. The gig economy is where companies can access needed knowledge and skills on an on-demand basis.

Is your job still save?

According to a report about the Future of Jobs, robotic automation will result in the net loss of more than 5 million jobs across 15 developed nations by 2020. A rather optimistic view. Another report about Man and Machine: Robots on the rise, predicts that half of all jobs in Switzerland will be replaced by machines within the next two centuries.

Let’s take one step back. Predictions that automation will make human work redundant have been made long before, in the early waves of the industrial revolution. The New York Times already warned in the 1920ies “March of the machine makes idle hands”.

Yet in the past, new technology ended up creating more jobs than it destroyed. There was simply a shift in jobs, and ultimately skills needed.

How to keep up with the increasing robotic automation?

Learn, gain experience and adapt.

Never stop learning. The future of work particularly stands out for its shift in skills and the increasing degree of knowledge, experience and service orientation. In the age of online learning platforms, education is easy accessible from everywhere and cheaper than ever.

Gain experience
Education is highly important, but experience is often even more valued. The traditional career ladder is dead, a new adventure park is born. ‘Career’ today means so much more than climbing from entry level to management position. The diversity of tasks, work environment, cultures and challenges will strengthen your personality, abilities and skills. Which can even mean that starting a new business and ‘fail’ brings a greater experience value than being ‘successful’ by working years in the same department.

There is nothing permanent except change. Winners in today’s business environment stand out for their agility, adaptability and flexibility. To keep up you will have to act quickly and adapt towards the tremendous speed of change in technology that affects our work and life.

«success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and invent.»
Bill Gates

Job security versus gig work uncertainty

Although there are many benefits associated with gig work, there is one major disadvantage: uncertainty.

Not everybody feels comfortable by not knowing what the next month will bring, both in terms of the actual work itself as its financials. Being a gig worker seems not only a choice of working style, but also a matter of character.

Given the tremendous speed technology is changing our work, job security is continuously decreasing in various fields. And the alleged job security is slowly transforming into a job risk.

While gig workers remain agile, flexible, learn and gain experience through continuously changing projects, employees working in a stable and repetitive environment will wake up after losing their jobs with having difficulties being flexible and agile enough to adapt.

Matter for the head: are you ready for the future?

The facts are sobering. It’s ‘just’ a matter for the head to get the mindset right. Being a gig worker was and for many still is not perceived as an appealing career.

The traditional career ladder is deeply ingrained in our mindset and it takes time to break free and fully enjoy the benefits of the new adventure park.

Please remember: to grow as a person you don’t always have to go up. Go sideways or even down to unlock new energy to fly high. In business terms this means to learn new things, gain new experience and quickly adapt to changed situations.

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