mobilising AXA’s internal workforce with passion

F ECTIVEnewsmobilising AXA’s internal workforce with passion
6.09.2018 Troy news

sharing pragmatic solutions at SwissCognitive

The discussion around having an agile workforce is no longer in the "nice to have" bucket for many companies. 

It is clear. With today's fast paced changes and economic challenges, if a companies want's to survive let alone thrive, significant improvements in their hiring process, employee engagement and career development is paramount.

At this months SwissCognitive CognitiveTank event, CEO Andy Kobelt was invited to share our experience where F ECTIVE has been working hard to provide this very solution.

AXA Switzerland's challenge was to find a quick and simple approach for mobilising their internal workforce and support their employee's career development. 

Utilising the F ECTIVE platform with its unique algorithm, AXA employee's have been given the opportunity to not only be matched for internal open positions based on their skills, but also on what they really want to do. Their passion.

This skills + passion approach has enabled AXA employees to be matched for jobs they initially hadn't even thought of.

AXA's consideration to include passion is an encouraging sign for other companies looking for ways to improve employee retention.

Thanks to AXA and Ambros Scope for this wonderful opportunity and a big thank you to the team at SwissCognitive for inviting us to share our experience and learn from the many others who attended.

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